Friday, April 3, 2009

last day~~~coordination of mood : 100% perfect! no more class! at last!
word to dscribe my feelin:
1. happiee
2. cool
3. selese
4. xcited
5. gembire
6. seronok
today i realise how much i like THEM:
1. my girlfriends (of couse! no doubt c:)
2. my sub boifriends
3. my practicummate
4. my best-best-best friends ( ajiew tahu ini )
...n this is the name who always b a friends to me:
1. elfi, shira, zura ( kamo 3 seme kne letak in 1 rank..x bule pilih )
2. syed anain
3. wan
4. akmal akif
5. k.fadh
6. ruso
7. apih
8. special position goes to : paan (bcz die ckp die suke kwn ngn kami..hahaha )
org len yg x dimentionkn name.urm..da mention kowt sume...hehehe
thnx thou mate !
i noe d PROBABILITY to meet again is <<< small.
mayb approaching ZERO.
but stil~ i du hop 2 metcha again.
however, not as my clasmate la..
i alredi sick or ur face meyh.
then. hoping dat every1 of us cn keep our friendship
like we keep our food wen we hungry!~
hey, like HYDROGEN BONDING kan?
kuat-x kuat sgt!
jst make suke jgn mixed up with H2O la.
if not seme dissolve!
(xpe2.kite pye H bond type CARBOXILIC ACID pye.
bukan mcm HALOALKANE)
xm: du best and show the MOMENTUM
of watever yg anda sempat blaja tyme
FORCE urself 2 study eyh!!
( talking to myself ..)
p/s: saye blaja jgk skg nie.
c, i apply certain words in my sentence meyh~~
HOME: wait 4 me! i'll be back!! muahahahahah~~~

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