Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i am googling.lol

am so excited
sorry cause i'm lame.

happy merdeka day!

where did u celebrate your merdeka this year ?
home is the best place for me to celebrate.
such a lazy 'boroi' malaysian
last night
i fell asleep earlier that i thought
super tired till can't stand to wait for counting down 'i tell u'
(typical malaysian dialect)

by the way

i would like to wish this wonder nation of ours
lets celebrate the independence day of malaysia
with pride and harmony.
put down all our differences.

i am maybe not the best example to show my merdeka spirit.
this is at least what i can do
to tell the world that
i am proud to be malaysian.
'malaysia i love u so very the much'

changed my twitter picture also my desktop theme.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

1Malaysia-Proton : Hangus

simple short and effective!
also funny too

My Mom's on Facebook

My Mom’s on Facebook Lyrics

You used to be a special place
for all my college friends.
A sanctuary in cyberspace,
but every love story ends.
Why’d you have to go and lose
your exclusivity?
Now all my nightmares have come true…
my mom just friended me!

Since she joined she spends all her time
checking my news feed.
My interests are no longer
bubble butts and sticky weed.
She whacked my ass on Mafia Wars
and Flixtered “You’ve Got Mail.”
She washed the colors with the whites
and posted “laundry fail” (’cause now)…

My mom’s on Facebook.
She found a new way to nag me.
My mom’s on Facebook.
Comments whenever friends tag me.
My mom’s on Facebook.
She only got it to stalk me.
My mom’s on Facebook.
My childhood photos cock-block me.

My wall is not for e-mail, mom,
you’ll never get it right.
And gifting me some sexy lips
don’t mean a kiss goodnight.
She keeps on adding all my friends,
they just think she’s a joke…
except for Steve who says that she’s
a mom he’d like to poke. (She’s a M.I.L.P.!)

Mama read my 25 Things
and each and every note.
Now she knows I lost a bet
and had to wax my scrote.
Suggests new pages every day
from “hugs” to “Will and Grace.”
It’s getting to the point I’ll have to
switch back to MySpace. (But not really!)

Wrote in my status,
“boss is keeping me at work.”
Mom responded, “now I see
why you told me he’s a jerk.”
My boss saw it and fired me
and mom’s the reason why.
Now I’m starving and I’m lonely
and I’m probably gonna die… (because)

My mom’s on Facebook.
Now I’ve gotta watch every word.
My mom’s on Facebook.
Oooh, goddamn you, Mark Zuckerburg.
My mom’s on Facebook.
Posted a public reminder…
My mom’s on Facebook.
…that I came out her vagina!

My mom’s on Facebook.
Invited me to my cousin’s communion.
My mom’s on Facebook.
It’s like a family reunion.
My mom’s on Facebook.
I’m trying not to be bitter…
My mom’s on Facebook.
…but she just found me on Twitter!

My mom, your mom, his mom, Steve’s mom… all moms!

They’re all on Facebook.


as i was saying before at previous post.
ramadhan always wonderful.
there’s so many miracle~!
when everybody get busy with their work,
they don't really care it all as usual
like in any other month.
now,they prepare their time to buka puasa together.
and including me, of course!

i love this month for sure.
i can meet most of my best friends,

and for sure, everyday my scheduled are totally booked!
poyo je.

i had a wonderful buka puase with my besties and buddies
from high school
PuteraAyu restaurant (krel's) at padang jawa.
gossiping is a treding idea for sure.
and it continue with family time for like every weekend.
last sunday at studio with bunch of mates.
it was still hilarious.
continue with the picnic concept of buke buase at dataran shah alam.
with the 'honorable' guest from malacca.

for further weeks
i will head some another 'buke puasa besamasama'.

while we're so excited with this month,
please don't forget to do whatever you have to.
have a great ramadhan.

best pule~

there are many ways to feast the month of ramadhan.
last thursday we decided
have our breaking fast at sunway
instead of sitting at home,
drowning in a sea of tears
eating maggi for buka puasa.
ha ha.

so there we were.
buka puase is not the main purpose we came down here.
some of the reasons were:
shopping for hari raya, and release all the stressfulness.
ask me who has the best raya spirit?!
proudly say she is nur adila rohani.
i am not really feels the aura.
i don't know why.

there was azyan, adil, truly me, inda, and saidat.
enjoying their dishes.
the exterior look was great
don't judge book by its cover.
we spent out day with full of laughter.
having a great time
thanks guys!

Friday, August 27, 2010

TAEYANG - Wedding Dress Cover English Version (Tommy C of IBU & J.Reyez)

I LOVE this song sooo much!
it has so much meaning in it.

SH(D#): i see it everywer

SH(D2): first day expo

sorry for late review.

it was the first day that the expo.
the weather was freaking hot.
expo pavilions,waiting to be explored.of cause we were excited.

me and my friends got up early in morning,
eager to take our expected exploration.
and for some of us we have to prepare food for lunch
since it was hard to find halal food there.

yes.i cooked.

we got to the expo area
found that we were never the first person arrived at the park.
cramming ourself into the long crowd queue,
we managed to get in.
all the tips written in the web were exactly true.
mood is one of the most must-have-things to bring.
without a good mood,
the expo expedition would probably be spoiled.

here everything we do,
we have to join a queue
and waited,
and waited to enter the incredible pavilions.
i am usually would be defeated by waiting.
but i got no other option.
so I took a deep breath, calmed down and waited.

our first pavilion.
the long queue in front of pakistan.
however it was actually nothing compared to other building.
so we waiting for entry.

one annoying things other than hell boring queuing.
it was people-watching.
yes it is interesting to see people with different skin colors standing in lines.
but maybe they should give a space
save that 'look'.
at least smile.
we likely could not understand each other,
but the smile should made us easy.
i wonder.

enough for negative views.

the china pavilion sits at the center of the expo.
painted the same red as the forbidden city.
personally for me,
i think it’s an impressive landmark,
sitting on the large expo site.
it is very visible from far,
stood out proudly among other pavillions
expo structures.
it is outstanding.
however, the design is still not to its best.
i think that it is still lacks of little essence of china.
it is still a good design that definitely represents china.

first the day at expo ended at 8.
right after we struggling to enter north korea pavilion
for almost an hour and half.
could not able to get in.

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