Tuesday, July 27, 2010

me and me pretend 2b u

"could someone please make this blog update soon.
in these days this blogger been pretty busy.

hye guys.
seriously things are pretty busy around here right now.
all the design things.
archifest preparation.
archisport training.
sleeping when i have the chance.

i’m not sure what to tell you right now.

perhaps you should come back after all the submissions.
i hear there’s going to be a post about something interesting."

just wait n see


for reference

art work in canada pavilion
technique: collage

Monday, July 26, 2010

ahhhh dang it!

some behaviour is very unsavoury and unfair.
obviously too bad they can't see it.

doing everything for your own sake
doesn't take you to the best level.
stop underestimating others.
please no pretending.

i had enough

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i need i want it

if i am no one like i am now
i'm gonna jump into bed and sleep tight like a baby
i want my sleep honeymoon
i always stuck doing design
at this moment my brain cant work any longer
all the cells try their best to help me
thnx u guys
u guys r the best crew i ever have

i need sleep

Saturday, July 17, 2010

last night and induction

welcome back everybody to the induction week!
i'd like to welcome the incoming freshman class part 1
the architecture department.
get ready to embark on the wonderful journey
of an architecture education
at uitm shah alam.
very positive intro
as for last night.
the 'activity' was not going smooth as what we plan.
but it was great!
i'am enjoying myself.
it was a good entertainment after weeks we
cracking our head
doing the grouping design work.
for all the drama that happen last night will be continue.
to all the newcomers


Sunday, July 4, 2010

SH(D1): history

we can almost see shanghai's history
walking down the bund.
all these old buildings will remind you of old Shanghai,
while opposite across
the yangzi River,
you'll see
the most modern part
of shanghai.
actually it would be alot more beautiful to come here at night time.
(i'll show you in the
next entri)

SH(D1): ready for amusement

so we're here now
at the city center of shanghai.
and we’ve been here almost about two hours.
not very long at all,
but just long enough to have some first impressions .

as we sped down the highway,
zigging in and out of traffic,
i looked out at the city.
so many great architecture buildings.

then we reaching for the sky,
the spectacular design for the shanghai tower
is a modern architecture.
it maybe the world's highest observatory.
it is mesmerizing.

VANUE: swfc obsevatory

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