Friday, February 27, 2009

the making of...

english assigment : short drama

Entitle :


director :

paah yg cool.!

the casts:






grade :


huge success!!!


the end.

p/s: i wana thnx all members.including the sub (syed, zua n norli) for bein such freaking good supportive ppl. witout u guys it's creepin happy!!!best3!!!u guys the best!!!muah3!!!! (at last, i av sumtng 2 du at kmpp! ushhh)

Monday, February 23, 2009


Rules and Regulation ;

1. Copy paste award at your blog once you got it.

2. make an entry as if this is like A GRAMMY award :D

3. Tag 5 other blogger

4. NEVER break the chain, pls.

and d best thing is, i dun have to think much siapa saya nak bagi. pick 5;
1. eyqa (again)
2. atok
3. alya
4. aya!
5. syeeda

we luv art~even it just conteng-conteng!

"art for everyone".hav u heard tis quote? ala..yg kat geleri petronas,klcc 2~~ wel. ade sorg member die syeeda. i jst busan2 n view her blogie. n tis is wt i got!cheng3!! so, nk jd cite yg x bape gempak ni.i jeles la sket cz die wat pe pown seems nice! i bwat jgk la 1. even x la cantik kowt.^^..
so, if ter any of u out ter dat wana show me even more than tis..bwat la jgk!thn we cmpare~~~ngeeeee..very easy.take pens..n start conteng!
advisable: du it during lecture!hahahahah..('s beter thn u sleep kn!!)



mood: creative c:

my new resolution after the end of the story

“ u stil accept my resolution for tis year?
i regret meself for not making any wen i was wit ms. january last month.”

new resolution:
positive : no more "queen of the ants"
negative : stay away from "semut yg lopek dan x begune dan lopek nk mampos"

this is the story begins....
at the bilik tutor 21, feb.23rd.2009, monday, around 10pm...

there are a small group which include me n my eng grup...together wit other one grup..
so in mathematically:

me : 1
my grupm8 : 4 (2 girls and 2 guys)
the other grup : 4 (2 girls and 2 guys)

2 group, 2 drama, 9 diffrent character
here is what happen,

we r the first grup dat started the practice .me myself as the narator n declared meself as the director too.(wink*)there r other 2 actor n 2 actress dat very supportive xcept fo tis one odd guy. The first try was not dat good. Everything was not well organized, so it looked very lame.
I’m d one who watched the move n checked on their lines. Nobody is totally perfect aite? So, of cz there must be some mstake. But dat mistake hav to be settle asap. Mcm dlm xperiment. At the discussion part, we shud write bout about all the mistakes n the precautions. So dat if we repeat matrix balik, kite wil not du d same mistake wen we carry out d same xperiment :P
Same la.but in tis situation, one guy trying to control macho la..ade certain stuff dat he dun wana do, yelaa..jatuh standard kowt.(helo,I’m not asking u to b the trees or the bushes or the tunggul kayu tue yg x gune ..even tough dat’s the only suitable part for him). Hey,Bein an perfectionist aristocrat is not dat bad la kan cz in real life u’ll never get the chance to b lyke one. So du appreciate la!(suppose to be.)..but die nie terlalu bgs sgt kowt until org tegor pown die ….urm…
About the odd guy,1
Not good all!, annoying!, lopek!, lopek! and annoying!. His lines in tis drama are quite important cz it summarized the theme. N his job is to keep the audience noe the connection but…eventually his not duin as a team we trying to help by giving the suggestion.
Then, I tunjuk la how he suppose to du, tanpa menyedari die tga “memberbodokan” I at my back. Nk jd cerite, KANTOI!cz suddenly I pusing blakang, n the luck say bubai to him.busted!!
(Tyme 2 die baek pye tga wat gaye mcm david beckham)
Org len gelak la..klaka kowt…but wut u thnk I shud du?smile n says
“hey..x baek taw u bwat cam2 kat i….jahat la u ni”
pegy MAM P O S!
honestly, I suddenly xplode not just bcz of tis hell incident..mcm satu bakul resons lagy.(beter not to mention)
Y dunt he jst accept my idea o if not pown jst say it nicely rather dat duin such thng. I noe la die bwt 2 not bcz die nk cr pasal or wutev. Mayb die mang sengal mcm 2 sory la.
So, u got a wrong number.pls try later~ tut.tut.tut
Mood:swing-swing D:
As conclusion,
Just stay lowpro lyke always. So dat I’m not involve wit tis again. So x sakit ati.aite.n also katakan tidak to org2 x gne so dat I akn happy always!yeaiiiii
p/s:thnx to the persons who reli "bother" to listening or reading tis..
special thx to radzi n wan! ^^
**the func. I cite psl the other grup to is bcz their presentation dat n8 quite amusing! gambatedes! I ske dorg pye!!

the snob.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


here is a dearie fren of mine dat kinda very "desperado" to giv a special present to her "the one n only beloved bf"..(kan.kan.ajiew..)oppsiee :p

ter..ter mention ur name la hon.

"lajak perahu bole diundur,lajak kate xley wat pape dude!"...muahahahhaha

back to the story, of then we dicided to ask his bff.(the new one)..

"ape yg dirasekan sesuai dgn bdk ni?die nk adia pe ik?"

"ntah.xtaw.kasut kowt.."

"kasut?cam ne nk beli kasut org.size x taw.taste die x taw."

"size 9 kowt.ntah.xtaw"

"kasut nk beli yg mcm ane?"

"ntah la..urm..bali la yg mahal..hahaha"

fyi,untuk tdk mahu kantoi kan diri ajiew nie suro i yg gy tye..konon2 i la yg nk bgy dat present(untuk ape ntah).....

then, my fren go n usha d suitable kasut for him...but i didnt noe how it looks ajiew kinda has "a bad taste"...lalalal..(betol kan ajiew...kadang2 la kan..kadang2...)^^

.....i goin back on tis march. hop i cn c wat i want 2....lalalala......

well ajiew n to all my sayang frens,mayb if u having the same dillemma,why dun u take a look at this samples...mayb it rings ur bell!!!!!!!muahahah


These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like
me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it.

Charles Barkley

Friday, February 20, 2009

omg! sum1 gets frisky with Micky and U-Know!

"Move over ajosshi, I should be in your seat, doing that!!."
I dun hav any idea who the miang guy is, but he seems to be getting a little too "friendly" with my fav Micky n U-Know.)_^%$$#@#%^%&&!!
And as wut i've read all this happen during a photoshot during the Culture Industry Policy Meeting on Nov 26!After a very energetic concert in Malaysia on Nov 24. TVXQ is back in Korea and two of its members attended the meeting, which addressed the decline of the Korean Wave (...I thought it's getting stronger) n the illegal downloading crisis.
??: the huge problem that sudendly pop out in my little brainy....wen does DBSK come 2 malaysia??!!n i did't noe it!!damn!!! #@$@%$#^%$^ again!!!!!!!arhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
stupido me!!

to twilight die hard fans

Good news about New Moon,

hav u ever heard the speculation bout whether the same actor or the new 1 would portray jacob black in new moon who changes in so many surprising ways throughout the series

but well, I'm very happy to announce that Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob Black (still standing!!wohoo..)in New Moon. yeaii!!!!

as for me Taylor is the only 1 who can be jacob and he should be Jacob!( he is emotionally right for the part). i'm hoping that me and all fans of Twilight the book and the movie will be surprised by the Jacob Black that Taylor will bring to the screen in New Moon.

wishing him the best of luck!!!!!!!!luv Taylor Daniel Lautner !muah3x

p/s:happy belated brthday to him(11th feb)---he's only 17th~~ :P
again:THANK YOU SO MUCH! to all the ppl who were thinking twice bout taking the hottest star in that movie out! i am so happy thats one of the things that made my day

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sape kate fairytales n cite korea is fantasy

Wel..sonok kn kalu hepi ending.xpena ke imagine diri sndr jd watak heroin dlm cite korea?xmo jd mcm dorg ke?bahagie taw!n d storyline mmg buat hidup kite amat bermakne.dunt u thnk so? Wel,,1 of my fren dpt dat chances isn’t it?!!envy her amat sgt!!

p/s: in my dream! :C

siot sialan seorg yg kononnye teman

Orang slalu kate “friends forever”..tapi aku rse skg nie makin lame kawan aku mcm da bekurang.saru hari-esoknye-lagi esok seterusnye.satu-satu dorg blah!aku x la kate aku nie sorg yg amat2 bagus sgt so aku bole blame org len.mayb sbb prangai aku kedorg x ske,org seme berubah,tp brubah ke bagus ke?
Kalu smpi 1 tahap nk caba ego aku,mang da melampau la kan.kalu da smpi cm ni..aku da x peduli la…lagi ko mara n xske kat aku..lagi aku seronok.sbb aku da mnyampah da nak layan “kawan” yg konon smpi bile-bile nie..
Jujur la ckp.aku da kurang nk caye kat wisdom word 2.rse mcm x kn betol pown.ok la least kalu pasni jadi lagi aku steady la kan.kalu org len bole beruba..asal aku x bole plak.
Kalu dulu konflik2 mcm nie mang datangkn mslh yg agak besar dlm kepale otak aku nie,,smpi menggelaba r nk cr jalan nk wat cm ner..skg nie aku bole ilek r.pegy mam p.o.s la kat org2 yg camni.aku ckp..x rugi la aku weyh!!!
p/s: menggelaba r ..kawan kepale otak die!!!

thnx sharol!

bag 1+1+1=3!
i've got 3!!
dunt not dat i bg the calvin clein
to muhammad akmal akif( as he wishes ).not yet la.soon.
die mengidam bag la.aku baek ati taw

ade org nie amat baek..i maen2 je soh beli bfdy present..then die bg (nsb bek jgk minx la kan) hehe..! So, konon2 souvenir die x ckp pown adiah bfdy!n die x wish pown.xpe.i jst assume tis is my pwesent!!ngeee..thnx dude!!!!!muah3!!!!

mood recently: hyper happy c:

Sweet .. n manis

da masok perot..tga digest nk jd s**t

Ade 1 Chinese girl in my clas nie smbut raye cine(of cz!)..balik2 je she gave us buah limau dat TOTALLY “cute”…hehe..^^nk ckp x cukup sbenanye but then ok la dari x dpt kn..hehe..the taste lagi amat gmbire sweet! Mayb 1 of d rsn is kitorg x breakfast kowt..seme org pown lapa kowt~~hek!!

But thnx 2 EMILY so that kitorg x mati kelaparan kat klas..ngeh3..

p/s:org yg x dpt dlm klas 2 jgn jeles~~sape soh dating lmbt ^^

Sunday, February 1, 2009


mereke xmo wish bfdy!!
2-2 BELATED!!!sobbss
xpe..tgk uguys pye plak nati~~
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