Tuesday, February 21, 2012

oke oke

Last year I wrote a post
emphasizing on my lack of concern
over my exam
the attempts to cram for the test in one week's time
(or probably a day before),
and the outcome was bad!
So for this semester,
I think the effort that I'm giving in to
improve my work product is starting to pay off.
Alhamdullilah. C;

how's yours?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

joli buku

firstly, thank you so much for providing the 200ringgit voucher.
thank you thank you.

so with that, i spent my day to hunt for .. books!
my friends and i went straight into borders to spend our voucher wisely and got some books that we would probably never ever buy with our own money.
then, i grabbed 3 books and walked out like a boss.huhu~
and it feels great.!

hmm..and all 3 are illustration books.
none architecture stuffs.
i don't know why i didn't get one.



first time ever to be in a photo booth!
you can tell from the pics of us that we got super excited with the situation.
too much poser huh?...

then lean forward to see the results of the picture...jeng!

just a silly fun photo booth pictures!

behind the scenes:

oke fun! fullstop

Saturday, February 4, 2012

belated sudah~

yes! i am now 2ny.TWO. thank YOU for another year of existence.
thank YOU for giving me precious life.

and i was really..really overwhelmed and felt so much joy for all the people who remembered and greeted me.
thank you thank you. hee
a special thanks to my friends-nad, adil, azyan, piki and my family for making my birthday so much fun.
i have to spent the last few days eating these:

from the girls c;

from mommy :D

p/s: thank u for the makanmakan dan the gifts! looooove~ it c:

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