Sunday, November 27, 2011 glasses

(muke spam)

finally got my new glasses!..again!

uptown mari.
15 ringgit for the glasses.
hopefully this time tak patah mcm the previous one.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011



meet my awesome mommy!
my mom always working on some sort of small art project.
so, i am a self taught artist that comes by my talent naturally.
(i think....poyo)
she's not into doing art on canvas.....more to mural.

see for yourself.

tada..oke..this is my ma

at school and i am not helping.malas

at school. tolong la siket. part cawan, dan bendera
bole la tu

at school. and tak tolong ape-ape.


dah buruk sket.tapi santik kan.

i do help this oke! c;

see.see..strokes archi sket..hahaha..TAK!

at school. x tolong pun buat.

this either.hurm

at home. all mommy

my sistah's room

our living area.

awesome x awesome x?

oke bai

Monday, November 7, 2011

lately: selain tido dan makan dan raya

so working for the last three days at home.
It was 'aah~' but tiring.
at this very moment,
i'm doing my 'pakcik punye projek' layouts.
did i mention i just finished 'that' assignment?
that was an effort oke. phew! myself.. doing autocad..urm..yah!

i have to say that after spending hours
attempting to somehow remember what i'm doing in
Autocad, it still hard to understand.
but at the very least i think im improve.
sort of.

next thing to do
i will devote myself to do my design work
hopefully i can make progress...
ya! :/

have a good nice holiday guys.


p/s: i wish everyone selamat hari raya aidil adha.
let's help ourselves remember the blessings and
good fortune so that we do not forget to be thankful.

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