Monday, May 14, 2012

perlu ke delete?

ingat tak mase sekolah dulu. semua org ade myspace. ade friendster.
orang yg pki myspace kire urban sket la.tapi kne ade friendster sbb ramai yg pakai.
but then, after facebook. semua pun terminate myspace and friendster.
sbb facebook is more urban and semua org pun ade facebook.

so now. i'm doubting the function of this blog. 
melihatkan konsep penceritaan kehidupan harian tak lagi menjadi trend utk hidup saya.
malas perhaps. atau takde bende menarik yg terjadi mungkin~pfft
and of course you got lots of other social networks kan.
twitter - monolog harian yang bole dipublikan :/
facebook - now as 'multifunction' network system :o serious serious..
tumblr - mencuci-cuci mata 80
issuu - bace magazine yg gagal dijual di kedai2 buku terpilih. urm -.-?

so..remind me. what's blog again?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

am now on issuu

Have you heard about Issuu?
Well, to make it simple, it's actually an online  bookstore
not really cause you have to pay since it's a 'shop' kan
..sort of like a digital library la kot
so now you can go  through the excellent content that people have published on there
and it's free.
And I’d like to share mine, 
three publications that I've made myself and one in group.
If you’d like to view the whole magazine, click on the picture oke.

oke bai c;


oke black and white je sbb mls nk pk nk edit mcm mane.gamba pun x byk. 
tapi style en en~
singapore best!
jom pegi harry potter exhibition after abes sem ni!


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