Monday, September 19, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

raya kot c; (pic)

thank you datang rumah lewatlewat pun nye~
sampai sesat semua.
haa suke.

hari raya 2011 (pic)

i wish everyone could squeeze together in this pictures.
but unfortunately you guys were not there.
but still
raya kot!
mesti la happening

p/s: korg! raya tahun depan kite celebrate kat kampung oke!

[ARCHIFEST'11]new channel c;

check out the new exTV2011 YouTube channel!
you will find all our teasers and every studio's works(soon) there.
drop a comment and don't forget to subscribe.

Monday, September 5, 2011

[ARCHIFEST'11]update no1

this is a quick update for this event-ARCHIFEST2011.
i just wanted to give everyone an update on the progress that
we are making with this event.
this update might not be going as much as you might hope,
but we are taking it slow to ensure that we get things right.

for this post as you can see we have:

[+] teaser for what the theme/logo should be like
[+] dates of the events (clear your calender!)

we have some other things that
we got left off the list.
but we are saving them for surprises.
that's what teasers are for c;

please bear with me,
and stay tuned to get the updates.

we will also start a facebook page that you
can receive updates by liking the page.

lastly we are tremendously grateful to all for your support.
thank you. please do not stop.

(;/ he is my studiomate)

thank you guys c;

Saturday, September 3, 2011

[ARCHIFEST'11]coming to u soon c;

it's been a while since i've been super lazy
(always do! what can i say that's nature! duh~),
and now i'm in that
“anxiously looking forward to a new semester” stage
even though there is still lots to do to get ready.
like hell seriously.

one of the 'things' is ARCHIFEST.
obviously a short-form for architectural festival.
this event held in tradition by the students of architecture
like every semester.
macam sort of time to linger around
and chill lah senang cerite.
for this upcoming semester we'll be the one who
organize this event.
feel very excited and nervous all at the same time – and i think in equal amounts.

so join me in supporting our ACHIFEST
coming on October 7 till 15, 2011
at UiTM Shah Alam.
activities to include FREE live performances,
makan-makan, indie movie, gigs, games and etc.
come out and support our community!

can't wait.i miss everyone already.

p/s: akan update later c;
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