Friday, February 20, 2009

omg! sum1 gets frisky with Micky and U-Know!

"Move over ajosshi, I should be in your seat, doing that!!."
I dun hav any idea who the miang guy is, but he seems to be getting a little too "friendly" with my fav Micky n U-Know.)_^%$$#@#%^%&&!!
And as wut i've read all this happen during a photoshot during the Culture Industry Policy Meeting on Nov 26!After a very energetic concert in Malaysia on Nov 24. TVXQ is back in Korea and two of its members attended the meeting, which addressed the decline of the Korean Wave (...I thought it's getting stronger) n the illegal downloading crisis.
??: the huge problem that sudendly pop out in my little brainy....wen does DBSK come 2 malaysia??!!n i did't noe it!!damn!!! #@$@%$#^%$^ again!!!!!!!arhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
stupido me!!
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