Monday, July 27, 2009

in progress

a white butterflies by francis duggan
Just a few days to mate lay her eggs and then die
A minute to her an hour to you and I
She flits through the parkland in the sunlit sky
With brown spots on her fragile wings a white butterfly
Unlike a bird she does not have a song to sing
Yet the wonders of Nature are an amazing thing
A beautiful flying insect in the warm lamp of day
In a few days at the most with Nature she will lay
In only a day she will have reached her life's prime
And a few days to live does not seem much in time
On silent wings she dances in the park in the warm Summer air
To look at so gentle and fragile and fair
In the parkland green and lush after the recent showers
She dances around the blossoming trees and the flowers
klas design (en.embong,en.anis,ms.linda)
inila yg telah paah sketch mengenai poemnye:
ini baru scetching.
blom msuk asigment betolnye.
to be continue..

ok ke x?


tapi mak aku cakap

"lukisannye nmpk kaku"

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