Tuesday, June 15, 2010

it just a story about me n my pack

hi all.
I just came back from
my PD holiday
thought it would be great to share my trip.

Check out my mesmerizing
2 days, 1 night.
for the record,
so far this is the best break
for the entire holiday period.

who said holiday with family are lame?
We're really feeling the holiday joy
all the beach
the pool
those extra unique concert stuff.

the 4 different people
though it was fun to be in
Port Dickson
enjoying themselves by laughing and make fun of people.
you know better that the oldschool thingie
kinda work out.. every time.

So who are these 4 people?
Well, instead of talking more and going on and on…
here they are.

(kinda into the 'hue' effect)

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