Saturday, June 19, 2010

toy story 3

i don’t do many movie reviews
so critics are not really the best thing i have.
then what are you gonna read
the things that came from my heart.

i think
toy story 3 worth receiving 5 full star from me.
this was mostly because
i didn’t expect
that the movie will make me
cry at the end part of the film.

the story is simple
the story faces mainly on the fears of abandonment
the fear of letting go within the whole gang.
andy go to college
so on...

The first Toy Story was released in 1995
(..i am 5 years old back then)
it's been 15 years now. wow.
It took long enough.
they are classy aren't they.

this is the best farewell they deserve.
i am gonna miss them badly.
can't believe just toys can make such a huge impact in me.

p/s: seriously, best!

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