Saturday, August 28, 2010

best pule~

there are many ways to feast the month of ramadhan.
last thursday we decided
have our breaking fast at sunway
instead of sitting at home,
drowning in a sea of tears
eating maggi for buka puasa.
ha ha.

so there we were.
buka puase is not the main purpose we came down here.
some of the reasons were:
shopping for hari raya, and release all the stressfulness.
ask me who has the best raya spirit?!
proudly say she is nur adila rohani.
i am not really feels the aura.
i don't know why.

there was azyan, adil, truly me, inda, and saidat.
enjoying their dishes.
the exterior look was great
don't judge book by its cover.
we spent out day with full of laughter.
having a great time
thanks guys!

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