Monday, August 2, 2010

cuci-cuci services m dalam kurungan sendirian berhad

for those who never tried
live musical theater,
perhaps now
i was never ever thinking to be a theater freak.
until last friday, that is.
it was a smashing way to start my experience with theater!
i went to watch
cuci the musical 2
the istana budaya
i am enjoying myself every minute of it.
even the part when i got home at 12 in the morning.

hats off to the them,
especially to the actors who played the four brothers.

afdlin shauki was his funny self,
hans isaac charmed the audience with his
straight as arrow character
the way he laugh like adung are cute.
nabil, surprisingly,
played the obnoxious "c'tan" very well.
i couldn't compare him to ac mizal,
who played last year.

but one man,
in my honest opinion,
truly shone that night was awie.
he played jojo so well that you couldn't believe your eyes.
timid, gentle, childlike even. so adorable.
top notch.

it will make you forget all your problems for a while.
well, at least, i did.

thanks to nad, shuieb, jatz, ros, adil and yan for this great experience.
we have to drive up through the hideous traffic all the way to istana budaya.
not forgetting the design submission on manday.

all in all.
its good to ease your mind off work and just laugh out loud.

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