Thursday, November 4, 2010

another blurp~

i felt the need to write this to anyone who will read it.
actually, i just needed to write this for my own personal reasons.

it is all probably going to come out in a big mumble-jumble mess,
so i guess you can try and make sense of it if you’d like.

i miss my mom.
i miss her terribly.
this isn’t something that bothers me usually,
because actually i can meet her everyday if i want to
but right now i just can't.

most of you might says
assignment is never be a reasons to stop
seeing your family

you know my assignments nothing
you don't even know me
my mood keeps swinging
so its affect my working process


i know i shouldn't have to write all these craps
stop complaining and call my mom

but this is something i do everyday
maybe you won't understand

never mind
i not hoping u would

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