Sunday, November 28, 2010

a story about some phones

well, i officially announce that i lost my phone.
i checked everywhere and i honestly don’t see how i lost it.
(well..not really 'everywhere')
i always have it near me.
(or if someplace that i could find)

it's kind of weird because
its not bother me at all
since now at home i'm rarely used them.
(not that i'm not sayang that phone la..but i don't know...)

and the other phone died.
for like almost a week

so you guys out there.
do find me here on the web
i'll be here 24 7
for sure

of cause
today is my sister's birthday
she gets a new one

well ,i shouldn't be jealous actually
but yes i am jealous

p/s: i miss my phone T.T

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