Saturday, December 4, 2010

adios betty!

i've been watching this all night
i were left in the dark about
how it ended.
i want more

so there won't be a fifth season
(i think i want to cry....T.T)

i know her 'ugly' story is too good to be true
it is really fascinating you know
not inspiring or what
i don't know
but what i am sure about right now
is that i am going to miss her
(eventhough i am kind of annoyed
to see her always being 'a nice guy')

hate her more
when every single minute she'll bump into a hell-cute-andlovinghertoo guy
and she has had three boyfriends in the last six months
it's killing me
is it the braces?
the rubber bands in her mouth?
way she wears ankle socks with kitten heels?
why, betty suarez, why?!?!

and i am dying for daniel eric gold actually
.tell me why i shouldn't?

how will i forget her, suzuki st. pierre.
she is like a master gossip guru!

bye betty!

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