Friday, December 24, 2010

cuti yg meriah

(smiling emoticon with different fonts)
(has nothing to do with these entry)

i know in the past,
when the holidays came,
it was like,
now by nature I'm kind of a lazy person.
i don't have much going on right now.
i'm pretty much just enjoying my vacation as much as possible
by being a lazy bum.
it's awesome.
i'm absolutely not going anywhere over the holidays.
i like taking showers,
but I'm lazy and never feel like it.
are at home specially during holidays
who cares whether you r stinky or not,
everyday i'm rotting at home.
i don't have maths during holidays anymore.
i'm sure some of you are already too inebriated to comment too
i know
because everyone is being lazy during holiday
that's make us normal

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