Thursday, December 9, 2010

result semester 1 july-nov 2010 : better not quite

i have plenty of things in my mind to type here,
but it seems
the lazy syndrome
can’t be control.
fortunately, something real good
make me smile
it’s not a big deal for anyone else but it is to me..
jeng.. jeng..
the grade result of my last semester exam finally here
i’ve predicted the result earlier but something..hahaha..
( non stop)..

list of my subjects last semester
i’ll explain what’s totally cheer me up based on the picture above..
green is for: "expected"
red is for: "no..i expect better!"

"duhh, b+ ok la untuk kau!"
well, si tamak tak seda diri ni ingat die dapat a-
well you know what
maybe not this sem
(asyik b+ je dari part3)

bring a big round of applause to me
because for the very first time i got no c for construction technology
1 hit!
i got an a!
double hit!
bijak2. but i am kind of expecting a good grade since the spots
hit the bull's eye
(note:this class is fun)

i'm not sure what am i writing for the answer sheet
so b- is just good for me

i’ve highlighted architectural science in red,
i’ve targetted that i will get at least b.
last semester there
was a lot of thing going on with our life and same goes to this subject,
i did put much effort in this paper
i think i nailed it
(better stop typing anymore..for this part)..

architectural practice?
let see
i did memorize 'every' points written in that pink book
i think i deserved better grade
like serious serious

3.43 is a lucky number
i think
i'l be okay with this

to conclude this entry:
this semester,
the results give me a big impact .
even though i did tried to revise most of them,
but, it is still not enough. i need to do more.
how can i tell if i'm improving?
i know myself.

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