Tuesday, January 18, 2011

suke conteng2?

i hate waitings.
no really.
i really, really hate waitings.
but i do enjoy doodling,
so a boringness plus a paper and pencil equals time-killing fun.
that's how the first official studio doodle idea came from
which of cause by the help
from the super duper coolest artist i've ever
azyan nadiah the architect!

first doodle is the third from left

i have been doodling since elementary school
i enjoy looking at other people’s doodles’ as well.
i am not talking about the application doodle, either.
i am talking about good old fashioned pen and paper doodles!

now, almost everyone in the studio are interested to do such things.
which i consider is great!
it maybe.
can help us with the upcoming archifest event.
which the flyers itself are theirs.
i love PLUG-IN

We DOODLE DARE you to get creative!
i think there's no one can beat us as a group!
(belagak plak)

by the way.
the picture is taken by the senior
and now the doodle is twice much as what you can see in the picture
i just don't have the right time to show it to you.
maybe later...

to be continue

Khazanah Studio All Rights Reserved.

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