Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this is basically us~

this semester
different approach
fully computerized
so much more to deal with

back to the resubmission day
from what i observe,
those that are gifted in their presentation skills
tend to out perform those that don’t,
even if their works are not so impressive.
which i consider is good
because this project demand on the process
rather than the outcome.

but most of us still
didn't get the mutual idea of what
we are dealing with right now.
it feels

for now,
i think we're ok
not good enough
(of cause)
but we're working on it

we still need to convince the lecturers
that our scheme is fine.
cannot just goreng2 sangat

i am very pleased with our work
thanks nadzatul ' aqilah
this is how we express our design intention
better than the first crit

pendek duo

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