Monday, March 14, 2011

just want to share

you might already know this. but if you are not
you may proceed..

i guess you are familiar with this comic strips.
how can 'we' pokes fun at that?
it has killed thousands!
when thousands of lives are lost, it is a time for sorrow.

you think it's funny ah?

even CNN reporting on this.
malu nye

sad to admit that i am from Malaysia.
two words:
insensitive and distasteful.
(opp..that's three.)

there is a time and a place for punch a joke,,,
but dude!
this isn't one of them.

it aint funny lah.

then what about naruto? shinchan? or doraemon? sailormoon? fukuchan? astro boy? hamtaro? conan? hello kitty? pokemon? digimon? dragon ball?

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