Monday, November 7, 2011

lately: selain tido dan makan dan raya

so working for the last three days at home.
It was 'aah~' but tiring.
at this very moment,
i'm doing my 'pakcik punye projek' layouts.
did i mention i just finished 'that' assignment?
that was an effort oke. phew! myself.. doing autocad..urm..yah!

i have to say that after spending hours
attempting to somehow remember what i'm doing in
Autocad, it still hard to understand.
but at the very least i think im improve.
sort of.

next thing to do
i will devote myself to do my design work
hopefully i can make progress...
ya! :/

have a good nice holiday guys.


p/s: i wish everyone selamat hari raya aidil adha.
let's help ourselves remember the blessings and
good fortune so that we do not forget to be thankful.

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