Saturday, June 5, 2010

i still keep my eyes on them..haih~

recent activity:
you tube walking

lately i limit my view on

so many new things i've discovered.
the thing that i wanted to share
is the one
that makes my mood goes wheeee~~

have you ever heard about 'Banjun Drama'?
it's sort of a minidrama series.

these are some example of banjun drama from tvxq
my favourit-ED group
hopefully i'm not missing any
picture of them....cute~~~~~

1 First Love
2 The Masked Fencer
3 The King's Man (parody)
4 Tokyo Holiday
5 Finding Lost Time
6 The Uninvited Guest
7 Dangerous Love
8 Unforgettable Love
9 Dating on Earth
10 Vacation

i remember every single stories have made me laugh and made me cry.
all this already been released ages ago.
but i found out that i missed drama #9
shame on me
just remember how i used to be crazy over them.
i thoroughly enjoyed every plots that they have.
good time

but there's so many deleted scenes.
they should have kept all of the scenes.

am i over exaggerating?
sorry peeps
can't handle it

p/s: you should try it bebeh~damn freaking funny i tell you!!

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